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Rufford Primary School


Subject Leaders  - Miss Moroz and Mrs Leam

Children are taught science in line with the National Curriculum.

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Across our school, we aim to foster a curiosity and enthusiasm for science. Science lessons are enquiry based, which gives children opportunities that will allow them to gain knowledge and skills for future learning as well as developing an understanding of how science fits into our everyday lives. Lessons and experiments are planned with clear progression across the school allowing children to build on previous learning and question their understanding and knowledge.


 In every year group, science is taught through topics, which allows the lessons to be placed into everyday contexts to enable the children to see the relevance of what is being learnt. This allows the children to understand that Science is all around us and impacts on everything. At each stage of a child’s learning, scientific language is embedded and children are given opportunities to develop their understanding of new concepts.

Our Science curriculum is broad and covers all areas indicated within the National Curriculum, building on previous knowledge in each year. Many lessons are enquiry based and our experiments are child led, which encourages children to discuss their ideas for investigations and ways in which they could present their findings. This approach encourages independence and allows children to begin to foster a curiosity and enthusiasm that will give them a passion for future learning in science.

This is further enriched by using our local environment to develop children’s understanding of how science is all around us in our everyday lives.