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School Improvement Priorities

We are always trying to improve as a school and every year we write a School Improvement Plan. I have summarized our key priorities below. If you would like to know more or discuss this further please speak to either me (Mrs Tones) or Miss Gilman.

Promoting the attainment, progress, attendance and punctuality of pupil premium boys

Since the school opened five years ago standards have risen every year and are good. However careful analysis of data from exam results, attendance statistics and lateness shows that many of the boys entitled to Pupil Premium funding do not do as well as other children. Pupil Premium children are those that have been entitled to free school meals at some time during the last 6 years. We are determined to improve the life chances of all children and have a number of plans in place.

Developing our approach to improving teaching and learning : making it appropriate for teachers at all stages of their career

Some of our teachers have more experience than others and we need to ensure that training is appropriate for everyone. We also want to make sure teachers have maximum opportunities to develop their careers at Rufford so they do not look for jobs elsewhere.

Improving children’s vocabulary

The government’s expectations for children have risen significantly and they need to be able to read really well and understand what lots of words mean if they are to do as well as possible in the tests at the end of each key stage.

Developing children’s independent learning

In order for children to make maximum progress at school they need to be fully involved in their learning. The habits they develop at primary school will go with them to secondary school and college and university, where they will need to be very self-motivated.

Promoting good behaviour on the playgrounds

As the school expands and there are more children on the playgrounds at the same time we are keen to make sure behaviour stays very good. We want to make sure the children have enough to do and children understand racist, sexist and homophobic language is unacceptable.